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25 - 27 Mei 2024 Intensive Inca Wisdom

From Struggle to Surrender - Don Juan & Ivan Nuñez del Prado

  • Begint 25 mei
  • 545 euro
  • Blisveld

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Beschrijving van de dienst

We are very grateful that Don Juan & Ivan Nuñes del Prado for the 2nd year in a row, are willing to share their wisdom and knowledge with us. After the beautiful 3-day intensive in 2023 on The Inca Perspective on Trauma, we step deeper and further into the knowledge this time. The program will be suitable for both people who want to join for the first time and people that know Juan and Ivan well. Content We live in a transformative time. A time when many things are on edge. Wars are going on, old systems (for instance in health care) are no longer working properly, there are major concerns about the Earth's climate and resources. The dynamics between countries and peoples are changing due to digitalization. And how do we deal with all that? The vision according to the Inca Tradition is that a major change of consciousness is needed to arrive at a new order. And that change is happening. During the intensive we explore what keeps us from living live fully. What it is like to be stuck, what is the source of life's problems. For the different types of problems we will share different solutions, delve deeper into the various types of traditional healing. Until we can 'bloom again and get our perfume back'. About Juan & Ivan Juan (father - anthropologist) & Ivan (son - engineer) Nuñez del Prado are the first Western-trained Paqos in the world. They are deeply initiated into the mysteries of the Incas. For over 20 years they have been traveling the world together to make people feel at home in the wisdom of the Incas. Practical Fee: € 545,- (including 21% VAT, lunch 3 x, breakfast 2 x diner 2 x , 2 x Yin Yoga class, 1 x Internal Movement class, coffee, tea and study material). Payment in advance € 100,00. Overnight stay is not included. Data: From May 25th until May 27th 2024 at 5pm. Overnight stay: - Overnight stay in Blisveld, in 2 p. bedroom €35,- per night (ex 21% VAT). - Camping or dorm €15,- per night (ex 21% VAT). For camping you need to bring you own tent, caravan or camper. - Hotel or bed & breakfast somewhere around Blisveld. We can provide addresses when this is necessary. Location: Blisveld, Tellingstraat 9, 6996 DZ Drempt Netherlands. Cancellation policy: Till 4 weeks before the event - €100,- (for administration), between 4-2 weeks 50%, within 2 weeks the complete amount must be paid.

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  • Tellingstraat 9, Drempt, Nederland

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