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29 januari 2024 Webinar

Healing from the Inca Perspective - Don Juan & Ivan Nuñez del Prado

  • Begint 29 jan. 2024
  • 35 euro
  • Oosterdorpsstraat

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Beschrijving van de dienst

The Nuñez del Prado family from Peru has done exceptional anthropological work around the Incas. They have researched Paqos, the priests and shamans of the Inca tradition. For centuries, the wisdom of these shamans has been passed on orally and it still has a great influence on the daily life of the inhabitants around Cusco, the original soil of the Incas. What is special about their approach is that they have adapted the teachings of their teachers, masters and high priests of the Andean tradition to our Western way of understanding, practicing and applying. Since they are both academically trained, it will also appeal to down-to-earth and inquiring minds. In this webinar we get acquainted with the ideas of Don Juan and Ivan, regarding healing and healing techniques from the Inca perspective. Besides the sharing of the Inca wisdom, there will be practical exercises in which you can directly experience the healing power and the recalling of the vital force. About Don JUAN & IVAN Father Juan and his son Ivan are in fact the first Western-trained Paqos in the world, with Ivan already being initiated into the mysteries of the Incas at the age of seven. For over 20 years they have been traveling the world together to make people feel at home in the wisdom of the Incas. Don Juan Nuñez del Prado, like his parents, is an anthropologist, but was also and above all a student for 40 years of three native Peruvian teachers who passed on their special knowledge to him. His most important teacher was Don Benito Q'oriwaman or Wasao, a direct descendant of Huaskar Inca, the last Inca king. He is one of the most renowned teachers worldwide in this field. Joan Parisi Wilcox and Elizabeth Jenkins wrote books about their encounters with him. Ivan Nuñez del Prado is an engineer and Life Coach specializing in Carl Jung. Like his father, Ivan is touched by the ancient knowledge of the Incas, the Inca religion and their culture. He has been an apprentice on the Andean path since he was seven years old and has been taught and initiated by the various Andean masters for decades. Since 2005, he has been giving workshops and training courses together with his father Juan. Don Juan & Ivan will come to the Netherlands on June 9, 10 & 11 ( 2023) where they will share their knowledge with us about trauma and provide us with methods of working with trauma from their traditions (See Homepage) Time: 19.00 - 21.30 - Online (AMS-time) Costs: € 35,- Incl. 21 % BTW (VAT)

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  • Oosterdorpsstraat 9B, 3871 AA Hoevelaken, Nederland


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