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7 juli 2022- Trauma & Dans

Webinar - Gil Gomes Leal (Gil the Grid)

  • 35 euro
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Beschrijving van de dienst

Dans is van oudsher en in vele culturen een bron van expressie, kanalisering en heling. Vanuit de dans bezien is trauma o.a. een stagnatie in het natuurlijke bewegen. Voor dit webinar hebben we Gil Gomes Leal (Gil the Grid) uitgenodigd om zijn ervaringen en wijsheid ten aanzien van dans, het lichaam, expressie en trauma met ons te delen. Gil heeft een gave om de essentie werkelijk te raken. Tijd: Donderdagavond 7 juli 2022 van 19.00 - 21.30 (met pauze) Kosten: € 35 (incl. BTW) Gil was born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (28-11-1991). All people who know him from a young age would tell you that there was something special about Gil, and still, people recognize this special ‘something’ in him. A natural-born leader, a fighter for a cause, a creative soul, and above all someone that is able to connect, may it be people, places, or things. Gil started dancing at the age of 15 and soon found out that using his body to express his inner Self but also to entertain the people around him was something that came naturally to him. As he grew older and became more serious about his craft he started teaching and became Artistic Leader of Pop’arazzi, Holland’s first professional dance crew, with which he gathered experience and connections. He won the world title of Juste Debout Paris in the category of Experimental in 2013 but due to psychosis the year before he started to realize he needed to change something in his life. A life full of ‘Selfish’ goals and accomplishments did not seem to make him happy, those goals were of no help to others and he felt like that needed to change. 3 years later Gil felt confident enough about the knowledge he gathered and decided to start Amenti MoveMeant. A place where people could come to work on themselves through the use of their bodies. His psychosis catalyzed the need to discover hidden parts of himself and others, shadow aspects that unconsciously influence our lives. And above all, our physical connection to these non-graspable parts. The Movemeant Method was developed by Gil over these 3 years, which lies as the foundation to the organization. He finally found a way to be of service to others instead of achieving ego-focused goals. Within Amenti MoveMeant Gil has a visionary eye and loves to think big. His honest and piercing look will make you feel comfortable yet serious about what is about to come. Authenticity is what drives him. Becoming the best version of yourself is something that only You can do.

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Het Eemklooster Amersfoort, Nederland