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9-11 juni 2023 Intensive

Trauma & Inca-wisdom - Don Juan & Ivan Nuñez del Prado

  • Begint op 9 jun.
  • 495 euro
  • Blisveld

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Beschrijving van de dienst

We are very grateful that Don Juan & Ivan Nuñes del Prado want to share their wisdom and knowledge with us about trauma viewed from the perspective of the Inca-tradition. 'Trauma is treated by different disciplines in different ways. Somehow each culture in the world has identified the fact that our soul, understood as our psyche or our mind can be affected by events that contain a lot of force or weight and are unexpected and we have not been able to prepare ourselves to face them in an adequate way and they leave a mark on us. Later this makes it difficult for us to act, think and feel, which will not flow naturally or normally. That is why these memories need to be readjusted or processed in some way. Disciplines such as psychotherapy, for example, can help us improve and eventually resolve these conflicts. More specifically, a lot of traditions have a practice called Soul Retrieval, or soul hunting. In each case the description is this practice is based on is the same. Having a traumatic experience, living a moment that carries a great emotional challenge, can affect the integrity of our soul, which according to our vision "loses a part" that is separated from the whole. The lack of it causes it to remain a mark or a void. This mark or void can produce an effect or a sensation of not being complete, empty or in pain. A healer can help to search and recover this lost part and finally take it back to where it belongs. By replacing it back into our soul will be able to recover its integrity and its full functionality.' In our Andean tradition this practice is called "ANIMO WAQLLAY" which can be understood as the call of the Lost vital force. Fee: € 495,- (including 21% VAT, lunch 3 x, breakfast 2 x diner 2 x , 2 x Yin yoga class, 2 x Internal Movement class, coffee, tea and study material). Overnight stay is not included. Possible options are: -Overnight stay in Blisveld (Drempt) in 2 p. bedroom €35,- -Camping or dorm €15,- for one night. For camping you need to bring you own tent, caravan or camper. -Hotel or bed & breakfast somewhere around Blisveld. We can provide adresses when this is necessary. Location: Blisveld in Drempt Cancellation policy: Till 4 weeks before the event - €50,- (for administration), between 4-2 weeks 50%, within 2 weeks the complete amount must be paid.

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  • Tellingstraat 9, Drempt, Nederland


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